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TOPICS of the exhibitions



About topics


1-The hike 1987-1990

Around 55 pictures, 3 plastic works

Oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencils, watercolors, gypsum





2- My inner animals 1990-91

Approximately 30 pictures

Oil, acrylic, pens, collage, mixing techniques




3- Descent from the Cross by J. Christus 1983-93

12 pictures

Oil, acrylic, pencils, mixed techniques






4- Wedding pictures 1993-94

9 pictures

Oil, acrylic


The building blocks of the wedding pictures are;

People, prejudice, hope, love, risk, relatives, dogs, mother,

father, aunt, war, woman,

fight, man, language, solidarity, nonsense, society, simple,

death, vision, money, sex,

celebrations, fears, Cemetery, Tolerance, Child, Crisis, Lie,

Help, Siblings, Experiments,

Depression, Joy, Shock,

Patience, noise, singing along, error, heart, possibility,

closure, hiding, end, beginning,

gray and shining.


The wedding pictures were taken between 1993-1994 in Vienna.




5- The sea, The sea, The sea since 1996

Fascinating structures of the sea are considered by the artist

as ways of life, as well as

many different species with different ways of life and currents

below the sea level.

The sea can hide many things and it has its unfathomable secrets.



Part 2 2017-18

11 pictures

Acrylic on textile fabrics



Part 1 1996-2000

Approximately ( Around) 45 pictures and sculptures

Oil, acrylic, collage, mixed media, water color, pastel color, marble




6- Meeting pictures of and with El Greco pictures

1st phase - 17 pictures (50 cm x 70 cm)

2. Copies, copies with some changes, new design in

color acrylic and charcoal.







7- People views of my country  after the poems of  Nazim Hikmet


Approximately  50 pictures

After the book (poems) of Nazim Hikmet after his poems / stories with new

views and from the environment of Sinan Gültekin pictures were painted.

The genre for the works are printed materials (Basma and Bazen) with

different motives.


Next comes sculptures, films, photos and music


1st part is made up of 50 pictures in different sizes

from 5 cm x 5 cm to 200cm x 200 cm







8- Touches on the ornament (I)  2015

New works are a consequence after the cycle

"People views of my country"

Fabrics (Turkish fabrics are called Basma and Pazen), acrylic, collage,

metal collage, old Turkish carpet parts).

Motifs / ornaments of the fabric are touched with acrylics,

with newly formed metal parts and they are reworked.

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